Self-Driving Car


Following sections show videos for applications of computer vision and machine learning for self-driving cars. Links to code can be find within the corresonponding sections if available.

Computer Vision

Finding Lane Lines

Simple python code for detecting lane lines of a road can be found here: Simple Find Lane Lines

The Pipeline contains following steps:

Video for finding lane lines on a motorway:

Possible improvements:

Add Equalizing of the gray-scale image as step 2b. After Removing noise using the gaussian blur a threshold via (cv2.adaptiveThreshold) might make the lane detection more robust against brightness changes (daylight variations, shadows, etc.).

The resulting pipeline would be as follows:

Machine Learning

Vehicle Detection with machine Learning

A linear support vector machine is used as a classifier. The feature extraction is carried out by performing a Histogram of oriented Gradients on a labeled training set of images. The classifier is then trained with the labeled HOG feature vectors.

Short Video:

Long Video: